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Die neue folgen und ohne sein Leben ist nicht nur zu, die sich die bis freitags, 18. Geburtstag. Tausend Euro (Focus).

Suits Schauspieler

Find images and videos about gif, tv series and suits on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love. Darsteller, Schauspieler, Alex O'loughlin, Gabriel Macht,​. Besetzung, Charaktere, Schauspieler & Crew der TV-Serie: Gabriel Macht · Rick Hoffman · Sarah Rafferty · Patrick J. Adams · Herzogin von Sussex Meghan . Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 7 von Suits: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren.

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Harvey Specter ist einer der gefragtesten Anwälte New Yorks, der bei der renommierten Kanzlei Person Hardman schnell Karriere gemacht hat. Als er zum Senior Partner befördert wird, ist er aufgrund der Unternehmenspolitik gezwungen, einen jungen. Es wurde bekannt gegeben, dass dies die letzte Staffel und alle Hauptdarsteller aus der vorherigen Staffel erneut zu sehen sein würden. Patrick J. Adams hatte in​. Suits Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Patrick J. Adams, Gabriel Macht, Sarah Rafferty u.v.m. Besetzung, Charaktere, Schauspieler & Crew der TV-Serie: Gabriel Macht · Rick Hoffman · Sarah Rafferty · Patrick J. Adams · Herzogin von Sussex Meghan . Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 7 von Suits: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 1 von Suits: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren. Die US-amerikanische Anwaltsserie "Suits" handelt vom erfolgreichen Anwalt Harvey Specter, der Disney+: Neue Serie für "Suits"-Darsteller Patrick J. Adams.

Suits Schauspieler

- Erkunde Sophia Jungs Pinnwand „Suits“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Suits! #infografía More Filme Serien, Schauspieler, Netflix, Tv-zitate. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 7 von Suits: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren. Find images and videos about gif, tv series and suits on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love. Darsteller, Schauspieler, Alex O'loughlin, Gabriel Macht,​. Suits Schauspieler Suits Schauspieler

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On the run from a drug deal gone bad, brilliant college dropout Mike Ross, finds himself working with Harvey Specter, one of New York City's best lawyers.

Creator: Aaron Korsh. Stars: Gabriel Macht , Patrick J. Added to Watchlist. Top-Rated Episodes S5.

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Mike Ross episodes, Meghan Markle Rachel Zane episodes, Gina Torres Edit Storyline While running from a drug deal gone bad, brilliant young college dropout Mike Ross slips into a job interview with one of New York City's best legal closers, Harvey Specter.

Taglines: A firm, divided. Edit Did You Know? Quotes Harvey Specter : I don't pave the way for people, people pave the way for me.

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Meghan Markle's 'Suits' Co-Stars Celebrated After The Royal Wedding With Karaoke! - Access Daniel Hardman 8 Fans. Cameron Dennis Gary Cole Episode : Kyle Durant Ben Hollingsworth Episoden : 7 - Sein Detektiv Laura Diamond Schauspieler war es, Anwalt zu werden. In seiner Anwaltskanzlei wird er zum Seniorpartner befördert, womit er von nun an aufgrund der Unternehmenspolitik dazu gezwungen ist, einen jungen Anwalt als Mitarbeiter einzustellen. David Gruen Riley Gilchrist Episode : 2. Suits Schauspieler Once hired, she constantly uses her "fifth" year status to intimidate everyone beneath her at the firm; she browbeats both Rachel and Mike into following her orders as if they were her subordinates under her purview Suits Schauspieler might outrank them in terms of seniority, but they don't report to her and aren't required to follow her instructions. Ultimately, Nigel reveals that he tricked Louis into stealing the quartermaster position, so that Nigel could then take over Louis's role and be in charge of the huge pool of associates at the combined firm. Cornell Womack 1 Episode Louis, knowing that Jessica intends to fire him but still wanting to help, tags along with Mike and Harvey as 2012 Das Ende Der Welt Stream convince to Sean Cahill that instead of coming to Pearson Specter, that he should focus his attention on his own boss for malicious prosecution. Chi McBride D. After she and Mike are forced Koch Henssler work together Gesetz Der Rache Schauspieler Louis's case and they come up with a solution, she tells Louis that Mike deserves the credit. Archived from the original on June 15, Jon Fletcher 1 Episode David Bartis Episodes Sheila zeigt Mike später Wunderbares Betrüger N24 Tv. Der Schauspieler Gabriel Macht spielte die Rolle von Harvey Specter in der Serie Suits von bis Synchronsprecher von Gabriel Macht bei der Serie. - Erkunde Sophia Jungs Pinnwand „Suits“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Suits! #infografía More Filme Serien, Schauspieler, Netflix, Tv-zitate. Find images and videos about gif, tv series and suits on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love. Darsteller, Schauspieler, Alex O'loughlin, Gabriel Macht,​.

The father says he merely had a fling with her mother, who never told him she got pregnant, and her mother died when Samantha was two years old.

She is fired from Specter Litt Wheeler Williams in season 9 by Faye Richardson, who was appointed by the bar as a special master to oversee operations at the firm following the disbarment of Robert Zane.

In the series finale, Louis rehires Samantha and her name is returned to the wall. She is initially unaware that Trevor is dealing marijuana.

When she learns the truth, she is upset that both Trevor and Mike lied to her. She asks Mike to convince Trevor to stop dealing, but before Mike can talk to him, Trevor again lies and tells her that he stopped dealing because of his conversation with Mike.

Mike tells Jenny that the conversation never happened, and she breaks up with Trevor. She is happy to learn that Mike is working as a lawyer and keeps the fact that he does not have a law degree secret.

She agrees to act as a witness in Mike's mock trial , and they begin their relationship while practicing for the trial.

However, Trevor tells her about a voice-mail Rachel Zane left for Mike, and Jenny becomes suspicious of Mike's true feelings for Rachel.

After meeting Rachel on a double date, Jenny breaks up with Mike to allow him to pursue a relationship with Rachel. Trevor Evans Tom Lipinski is a marijuana dealer and a computer programmer of dubious skill.

He is also Mike Ross ' best friend and is Jenny Griffith 's boyfriend. He has become financially well-off dealing drugs, but he allows Jenny to believe that he makes his money through computer programming.

In the pilot episode, a cash-strapped Mike agrees to deliver drugs for Trevor, but Trevor accidentally sends him into a sting operation.

Mike stops talking to Trevor, partially because of the operation and partially because his boss Harvey Specter orders him to do so, and their friendship begins to deteriorate.

In the episode "Bail Out", Trevor is held for ransom, and Harvey rescues him. Mike then buys Trevor a bus ticket to Montana, where Trevor stays for most of the season.

He later returns and helps Harvey and Mike intimidate a witness into telling the truth. Angry, he tells Jenny about the voicemail, casting doubt over Mike's feelings for Rachel, and tells Jessica Pearson that Mike does not have a law degree in the season 1 finale.

At the end of the season 2 premiere, Mike meets in person with Trevor, who threatens to ruin Mike's life more than he already has. Mike responds by revealing that he knows Trevor's social security number and will use the information against Trevor if the need arises.

In season 5, Trevor reappears in the present, meeting Mike for a drink at a bar to discuss Mike's wedding.

Trevor apologizes and takes responsibility for his actions at their last encounter in person season 2, episode 1. Trevor explains to Mike that, though he graciously appreciates the invitation, he cannot attend because his wife has forbid him from staying in contact with anyone from his past who was associated with him and his criminal activities, and that Mike's current status as a fraudulently licensed and practicing attorney fits that category.

Later in the season, he appears as a witness for the prosecution against Mike, after promising Mike that he wouldn't.

Trevor insists that he had no choice but to comply with Anita Gibbs the ADA prosecuting the case and that she showed him that they had an airtight case.

While on the stand, Harvey is able to destroy his credibility and testimony in open court, pointing out that Trevor has a long criminal past, his girlfriend Jenny left him for Mike once she found out he was dealing, and that he is only appearing because he was promised immunity.

Edith Ross Rebecca Schull is Mike Ross ' paternal grandmother and guardian after his parents' deaths. Mike placed her in a nursing home after she fell while she was alone.

To pay for a private nursing home and keep her out of a state facility, he began taking the LSAT for others and accepts a temporary job dealing marijuana for his friend Trevor Evans.

Edith dislikes Trevor and referred to him as an anchor dragging Mike down. She knows that Mike has been smoking marijuana and only wants him to live up to his potential.

Louis comments to Harvey that the rivalry between Kyle and Mike reminds him of their own rivalry as associates. Kyle is arrogant and lacking in morals, going so far as to renege on an oral settlement agreement in a mock trial against Mike and then mocking him in a whisper.

When Rachel Zane needed a date for her double date with Mike and his girlfriend late in season one, she asks Kyle to go with her though she knows about Kyle and Mike's rivalry, and Mike suspects she was using Kyle to make Mike jealous.

The character did not appear after season 1, with no mention of what happened to Kyle. Harold is socially awkward, sensitive, and his infatuation with Rachel Zane is not reciprocated and makes her uncomfortable.

He gets along well with Mike Ross , and the two are sometimes seen working together. Louis Litt tends to treat Harold poorly; Louis verbally abuses Harold and once forced him to watch over his ill cat even after discovering that Harold is severely allergic to cats.

Louis eventually fires Harold in the wake of clients leaving the firm. However, through his connections with Jimmy, a former Pearson Hardman associate, Mike is able to get Harold a new job at Jimmy's new firm Bratton Gould.

Harold resurfaces in season 3, as the attorney asked by Mike to represent the foreign nationals who are witnesses in the pending Ava Hessington murder trial, getting the witnesses to settle on an undisclosed amount in a civil suit so that they would therefore not be called as witnesses in the murder trial.

He later appears in a mock trial as a witness called by Nigel Nesbitt, testifying against Louis. But the move backfires when Rachel acting as Louis's "lawyer" gets Harold to admit that Louis actually prepared him quite well to be a successful lawyer at Bratton Gould.

Harold's deal with Mike in the Hessington case gets them both investigated by the US Attorney's Office at the end of season 3. Louis gets Harold released.

Harold later approaches Mike in season 5, offering to testify at Mike's trial as a witness who did indeed know him at Harvard Law.

Jimmy came from a working-class background, made his own way to get accepted into Harvard Law, graduate and become an associate attorney at Pearson Hardman, having been hired around the same time as Mike Ross.

First appearing in the season 1 episode 'Undefeated', Jimmy leaks a confidential witness list to a rival law firm Wakefield Cady, in exchange for a junior partnership; Jimmy has very large outstanding law school debts.

His actions cause the firm's leadership to suspect Rachel Zane as the source of the leak and get her temporarily suspended. Mike goes to Benjamin, and makes a wager to convince Benjamin to reveal the name of the person who came to him asking for the confidential employee codes which identify individual employees who use the firm's resources for personal reasons.

Benjamin comes to Mike later to make good on the favor, and as he walks away, addresses Jimmy as "Louis" indicating that Jimmy had posed as Louis to Benjamin in order to get the employee codes.

Mike is able to deduce this and confronts Jimmy, who eventually admits to leaking the list. Mike gives him an ultimatum: either he comes forward and admits to leaking the list, or Mike will turn him in.

It is never shown that Jimmy or indicated comes forward, but Rachel gets reinstated. Jimmy appears in the season two episode "Blood in the Water" now working for Bratton Gould.

He offers Mike a chance to move to Bratton Gould, but Mike refuses. He later returns to Jimmy, convincing him to get Harold a job after Louis fired him.

Jimmy does not appear again until the season five episode "Compensation", in which he asks for Mike's help in a personal matter, a class action lawsuit.

Dana "Scottie" Scott Abigail Spencer was Harvey's on-and-off again girlfriend at Harvard and rival in the professional world.

She graduated first in their class at Harvard Law. She works at Edward Darby's London based international law firm. She first appears as the opposing counsel in a merger that Harvey's client, Jones a British-born luxury hotel chain proprietor is seemingly eager to complete with Scottie's client Daniel Vega, which Harvey believes he is pushing through too hastily.

When Harvey discovers Scottie is opposing counsel he is taken aback and becomes incredibly cautious, wary of Scottie's methods.

Scottie tries to con Harvey into believing that her client wants to merge when in reality it is a hostile takeover in disguise.

When Harvey discovers this, he instructs his client to immediately put his hotel chain's most valuable assets on the market, foiling her plan and making the advantages of a hostile acquisition disappear.

Harvey then confronts her about it. Embarrassed, she pleads with him to not go through with it, knowing that it would make her look very foolish and risk her losing her client.

Harvey agrees, in exchange for her admitting her mistake to both parties of the deal, who reconcile with each other and agree to go back to the original negotiations stipulating a merger.

Vega ends up terminating her services and firing her anyway following the deal's closing. But because of inside information she gave to Harvey and Mike to help them beat Jessica, Darby personally fires her.

Eventually Harvey convinces Darby to keep Scottie, insisting that without her, Darby wouldn't have the merger.

Darby gives Harvey the option of where to send Scottie; he eventually decides to have Darby send her back to London instead of remaining in New York as she desired.

In season 3, Harvey begins an "official" romantic relationship with Scottie while also convincing Jessica to offer her a senior partnership at the firm.

But this is short lived, ending in the season 3 finale when the two realized they could not handle the necessary separation between their personal and business lives.

In season 4, Harvey goes to Scottie to fulfill a favor to Robert Zane, asking her to settle her case against him. She initially refuses, but after a genuine plea from Harvey, she relents and agrees to do so.

In season 5, Harvey and Mike go to Scottie to see whether it was she who had reported Mike for being a fraud. Travis Tanner Eric Close is a rival lawyer of Harvey's.

He is introduced in the season-one episode "Undefeated" as a senior partner at Clyde McPhee, a firm in Boston. He received both his undergraduate and law degrees from Yale, with honors in both.

He was a junior tennis champion and played at Yale as well. Before he met Harvey, Tanner had never lost a case. It is shown that he is willing to break the law to win, and he believes that Harvey is the same way.

In his first case against Harvey, Tanner is initially successful Harvey admits to Mike, "he [Tanner] has been a step ahead of me this entire time" but Harvey soon makes a comeback.

He obtains an electronic wiretap recording from his private investigator of Tanner admitting to witness tampering with Harvey's plaintiffs in the case; since the wiretap was placed without a warrant, the recording is inadmissible as evidence for the case in court unless the person submitting it claims to have no knowledge of its origin.

Harvey bluffs, threatening to submit an affidavit to this regard; if he had followed through on this ultimatum, Harvey would've been authorizing the submittal to court of a sworn document making a perjurious claim, regardless of its simultaneously proving Tanner's guilt.

Tanner notes this to Harvey, but nevertheless backs down under threat of Harvey's evidence against him and accepts the terms, signing the settlement agreement; once Tanner does this, it leaves Harvey with no need to actually submit the affidavit.

At the beginning of season 2 he returns to the show as a senior partner at Smith Devane, a firm in New York, accusing Harvey of burying evidence in the season two episode "Discovery".

He eviscerates Harvey while deposing him, to the point where Harvey punches Tanner in the face. Though Tanner privately implies this to Harvey, he refuses to testify in court to this regard.

At the end of season 3, Tanner returns as the lawyer representing Ava Hessington who is now suing the still-undissolved Pearson Darby Specter firm, and all of the people involved with her case, for malpractice.

His strategy is attacking Scottie both personally and professionally. Tanner is aware that Harvey still has feelings for Scottie, and he is well aware of their past dalliances.

He utilizes this as a vulnerability by humiliating Scottie while deposing her, forcing Harvey to think twice before responding while putting his ability to constrain his emotions under serious pressure, hoping that it will provoke him into intervening on Scottie's behalf by succumbing to Tanner's financially outrageous settlement demands.

Tanner gets Stephen to sign an affidavit claiming that Scottie was complicit in the murders, but Donna is able to neutralize this.

She visits Stephen in prison with Mike, then asks Mike to leave the room and gets Stephen to admit that he lied, unaware that he was being recorded.

Ava later agrees to withdraw the suit. Upon taking the case, Harvey seems eager, almost giddy, about going up against Tanner, which he sees as an opportunity to strike back at someone who has caused him no small amount of pain and scrutiny, both personally and professionally.

Taking into account Tanner's skills and expertise based on their past cases against him, Mike initially reacts warily and cautions Harvey, noting that he has recently been suffering from a string of panic attacks, and that past experience against Tanner would indicate that it's prudent to assume the upcoming case will be intense and complicated and put Harvey's psychological endurance under serious pressure.

But instead, Tanner, claiming to be a changed man, displays a marked difference from his well-known cocky and brashly confident personality, instead conducting himself as a consummate professional: relatively mild-mannered and humble, and reacting instead of immediately attacking, though still confident in his own abilities.

Harvey refuses to believe it, and continues to use a combative nature, both during litigation and physically punching Tanner in the face out on the street outside the office.

Eventually, as the case continues, Mike starts to see that Tanner is no longer attacking Harvey indiscriminately or below the belt as in their past cases , only responding as a veteran attorney might be expected to react to Harvey's disproportionate attacks.

He comes to the conclusion that Tanner may be acting honestly, but because of past experiences Harvey is unwilling to take Tanner at his word and agree to his initial settlement offer, which Harvey himself admits to Mike in private is relatively fair, but still refuses to consider as a possibility because Tanner is the one presenting it.

Mike realizes that Harvey's emotions are guiding his judgment, and he meets with Tanner privately without Harvey's knowledge, and convinces Tanner to voluntarily remove himself as the case's attorney of record, and allow Katrina Bennett to replace him.

Mike then takes the first offer back to Harvey, who immediately agrees to take the deal once Mike points out that Tanner is no longer involved.

He had a history of altering the evidence in cases to ensure high conviction rates, even at the cost of sending the innocent to jail.

In season one he makes a deal with the state attorney general's office to save himself by selling out Harvey. It isn't until Donna secretly presents evidence to Jessica of Cameron's past malfeasance behind Harvey's back that Jessica is able to force Cameron into changing his deal with the AG's office and resign from his position as DA, saving Harvey.

In season 3, Dennis returns with a personal vendetta against Harvey after being appointed as the special prosecutor in the US Attorney's case against Dr.

Ava Hessington and her oil company, and he later brings murder charges against her when six dissidents are killed by the foreign colonel she bribed.

He admits to Harvey that he took the case as retribution for Harvey's "betrayal" of him when he was forced to resign from his post as DA, when in reality Harvey knew nothing about Donna's actions at the time and was furious with her once he did until long after Cameron had stepped down.

Jessica visits him and tells him that Harvey didn't betray him and that he should be mad at Jessica and not take it out on Harvey's client. Cameron realizes Jessica's implication that it was Donna 'the redhead' , but claims it's irrelevant as Harvey did nothing to prevent Jessica from using the evidence against him; Jessica replies, "so after you threw him under the bus and I saved him, he should've thrown himself back under the bus?

The battle between Harvey and Cameron continues for the rest of the first half of the season, through litigation and eventually to trial, until Darby convinces Harvey to go to Cameron with a deal: drop the charges against Ava, Darby will plead guilty to five years' probation, and will testify at Stephen Huntley's murder trial.

Cameron agrees to the deal, but Jessica convinces him to allow her to slip in an additional provision: Darby also must forfeit his legal license and agree to initiate dissolution negotiations.

Darby reluctantly agrees to the final deal. Dennis later appears in season 6 episode "The Hand That Feeds You", when he intervenes to prevent Frank Gallo from getting parole in exchange for Mike and Kevin Miller to get released from prison.

Daniel Hardman David Costabile is the co-founder of Pearson Hardman, former managing partner, and former mentor of Jessica.

Five years before the events of the series, he had been secretly embezzling money from the firm's clients. When confronted, he told Jessica that he needed the money to afford breast cancer treatments for his wife Alicia.

However, Harvey and Donna discover that the money is financing Daniel's affair with a colleague. Once this is discovered, Harvey deemed Daniel a liability and forced Daniel to resign and name Jessica as his successor by threatening to tell Alicia about the affair.

Daniel resigns to prevent his wife's distress. Daniel first appears in the season two premiere following Alicia's death. He returns to the firm, this time working under Jessica instead of above her.

Though he is a self-professed "changed man", Harvey and Jessica are not convinced. His role at the firm is more like a guide and voice of logic rather than a disciplinarian.

Though he disagrees with Jessica's decision to fight for Harvey when he is accused of suppressing evidence rather than settle and lose Harvey, he does not go against her decision and urges her to prepare for the trial.

He has a strong work ethic and is willing to work around the clock to accomplish a goal. At the end of "Sucker Punch", he takes advantage of the partners' apparent lack of faith in Jessica and requests a leadership vote to regain control of the firm.

He wins the vote in "High Noon", but Harvey and Mike discover that Hardman forged the supposedly buried memo and orchestrated the lawsuit against the firm.

When this is revealed at a partners meeting, Hardman is voted out of the firm. Though he agrees to not sue the firm in return for Jessica not revealing the incident and signing a confidentiality agreement, he tells her that this is not the end of their battle.

Hardman later returns to battle his old firm as a contractor, working for Rachel's father, Robert Zane, representing the name defendant in a class action gender discrimination lawsuit being led by Harvey against Folsom Foods, Robert Zane's client.

Daniel manipulates the situation and the confidentiality agreement that Jessica signed on the night of his expulsion to get Monica Eaton to sue Jessica Pearson simultaneously for wrongful termination, knowing that the combined assault will box the firm into a corner and damage its credibility; as Harvey insists to Jessica, "you can't be the name defendant in a gender discrimination case while we're suing Folsom Foods for the same thing!

His efforts to drain Jessica's resources and ruin what is left of her firm by having Monica file suit against Jessica are thwarted by Jessica's decision to merge with Darby's firm, giving her an insurmountable advantage in resources and not including Darby learning of Daniel's prior embezzlement from to the due diligence required for merger negotiations, nullifying the confidentiality agreement's repercussions.

He later appears in season 4 during a flashback episode. In season 5, Hardman returns to make another run at taking back control of the firm from Jessica.

He first appears when Jessica confronts him about having helped Jack Soloff to land Fletcher Engines as a client.

He insists that Jack came to him looking for advice on Fletcher, with no ulterior motives or intentions against the firm itself; Jessica refuses to believe him.

In the episode 'Uninvited Guests' Jack Soloff tries to convince the firm's senior partners to let Hardman back into the firm on a trial basis in exchange for sharing the revenues from a billion dollar client that Hardman just recently signed.

It is later revealed that the client is the disgraced billionaire Charles Forstman, now incarcerated. Harvey is able to thwart all of Hardman's funding by agreeing to resign from the firm.

Lowe is using Hardman to get Harvey's law license stripped so Hardman can take over the firm , accusing him of breaking privilege in order to protect Thomas Kessler, Alex William's client whom Lowe was looking to acquire.

Harvey told Donna that Lowe had been lying to Kessler about his true intentions, but made her promise not to tell Kessler, as they are dating.

Donna nevertheless is unable to restrain herself, and warns Kessler of Lowe's real intentions, causing him to refuse Lowe's initial offer.

Lowe realizes that Kessler found out, and asserts that Harvey must've been the source. Hardman offers to represent Lowe pro bono.

Zane visits Hardman at home and tries to get him to drop the suit. Hardman refuses, saying he needs to repair his reputation as a serious lawyer.

But he accepts Zane's offer to drop the case if he can convince Ellen Rand and Eric Kaldor to made Hardman a name partner at their firm Zane is unsuccessful.

In the end, Zane decides to take the fall for breaking privilege in front of the Bar ethics committee and is thrown out of the Bar, leaving Hardman flabbergasted, but neutralizing his efforts against Harvey.

Sheila Amanda Sazs Rachael Harris is a high-level official in the Harvard Law School placement department, whose job is to place graduates as associate attorney positions at law firms.

As such, she works with recruiters from top law firms such as Pearson Hardman, always trying to get maximum return for her graduates.

She and Louis have had an on-off sexual relationship, and she appears to be turned on by his power, especially after he makes senior partner. Louis's relationship with Sheila helps him discover that there is no record of Mike Ross attending Harvard Law.

Sheila and Louis get engaged in season 3, but break up soon after when they discover they want very different things after marriage.

Louis returns to Sheila in the wake of being fired from Pearson Specter in season 4, stating that he has secured a job in Boston and that they can finally be together.

But Sheila rejects Louis's offer of reconciliation, feeling that it was work circumstances, more than love, that brought him back.

In season 5, it is revealed that Sheila leaked the information to Anita Gibbs that got Mike arrested for fraud. She reunites with Louis near the end of season 7, and in season 8 proclaims she wants to have a child with him.

She first appears in the second season flashback episode 'Rewind'. Five years before the events of season 1, Monica was a senior associate at Pearson Hardman and a close friend of Rachel Zane.

Louis Litt had a huge crush on her, waiting for her outside her office, following her in the hallways, and perpetually asked her out despite the fact that she rebuffed and rejected him again and again.

He also followed her outside the office; he would sit and stare at her while she took her lunch at a nearby diner, and follow her home.

When Rachel Zane notices this, she mentions to Monica that there are legal avenues to prevents this; Monica dismisses this with reassurance, saying that 'the day I need laws to protect myself from Louis Litt is the day I stop being a lawyer'.

Throughout this time, she is conducting a clandestine affair with the firm's managing partner; during Harvey's investigation of Daniel Hardman's embezzlement, Rachel mentions to Donna that Monica is absent every Tuesday for pilates, coincidentally at the same time when Hardman is absent from the office weekly for lunches at the Harvard Club, which he claims later found out to be falsely so to Jessica is in reality taking his wife to chemotherapy.

Donna tells Harvey, who investigates and deduces that the money he's been embezzling is actually for supporting his affair with Monica; Harvey forces him into resigning by threatening to tell his wife, and name Jessica as his successor.

Despite lacking evidence of Monica's complicity in the embezzlement, Jessica deems Monica a liability and demands her immediate resignation from the firm, which Louis Litt accepts from Monica on Jessica's behalf.

Monica returns in the second half of the second season as the main plaintiff in a wrongful termination suit against Jessica Pearson, and hires Daniel Hardman as her attorney, who manipulates the suit by intentionally stalling the proceedings and dragging it out, stretching the firm's resources to the limit.

Hardman admits this to Harvey, but insists that it is on behalf of Monica. Approached by Mike, Monica later agrees to settle the wrongful termination suit against Jessica.

Zoe Lawford Jacinda Barrett , who is Gabriel Macht's wife in real life is a recurring character in season 2. Harvey later convinces Jessica to bring her back temporarily as a jury consulting for a mock trial simulating Travis Tanner against Harvey in the Coastal Motors case.

Harvey attempts to reignite their relationship, but Zoe reveals that her brother is terminally ill and she will end up adopting his daughter, and leave New York.

Rachel doesn't like to let people know she is his daughter, choosing instead to prove she can make it in the legal profession without his help.

Robert has not been very supportive of Rachel's endeavors, especially when her test anxiety kept her from passing the LSAT, and he has on more than one occasion suggested that she choose another career path.

Robert was the lawyer who replaced an attorney who died who was representing Folsom Foods against Pearson Hardman in a multi-case gender discrimination suit season 2 , until his daughter personally got involved with the case.

That led Robert to drop the case and hire the recently dismissed Daniel Hardman to take over as an independent outside counsel for the case.

He eventually agrees, but only after Mike leverages his relationship with Rachel in order to convince him to do it to Rachel's wrath upon her discovery , souring their relationship for a while.

In the second half of season 4, Mike approaches Zane to consider hiring Louis, who had been recently fired from Pearson Specter and was having trouble finding another job in New York.

He agrees to meet with Louis, and the two of them hit it off. Upon hearing about Mike's actions, Rachel tells him another reason why she did not want to work for her father: he is not the kind of person to whom you want to owe a favor.

But when Louis tells him that he cannot bring any PS clients to Zane, he responds with indifference, making a counteroffer: Zane will offer a him a senior partnership if Louis can steal a client from Jessica by breaking the Pearson Specter partnership agreement.

After Mike foils Louis's attempt to poach a client, Harvey goes to Zane and asks him to hire Louis anyway as a personal favor to Harvey.

After Louis becomes a name partner, Harvey visits Zane and retracts the favor, unaware that Zane already knows that Louis was not just reinstated at the firm, but that Louis told Zane that he was also immediately made name partner, igniting Zane's suspicions about the real reason behind Louis's abrupt departure and near-immediate return.

In light of this, Zane makes clear to Harvey that regardless of the status of Zane's offer to Louis, Harvey still owes him a favor.

In season 5, Mike and Rachel are engaged, and Robert appears in several episodes. He tries to get Rachel to have Mike sign a prenuptial agreement , which Rachel does not want him to do.

Mike tells Robert he is willing to sign it, but Rachel holds firm and refuses, nullifying it. In the episode 'Compensation' Mike takes on a case given to him by his friend Jimmy from Bratton Gould, a pro-bono class-action lawsuit against Kelton Insurance for the negligent deaths of people.

Jessica refuses to provide the funding necessary to support the case's inevitably long and complicated litigation and orders him to drop it.

Mike, left without recourse, goes to Robert and asks him to take on the case. The case is litigated over the next 2 episodes, and eventually they are able to extract a large settlement from Kelton.

In season 7, he merges with Specter Litt and forms Zane Specter Litt after realizing that his partners at the old firm did not have his back.

He becomes managing partner after Harvey stepped down after Donna convincing him that he did not want to be a leader. Louis also does not want the leadership role but is upset because Robert and Harvey both do not consider Louis as a viable option.

He is Jessica's newly named managing partner as of the season 2 finale, following a successful merger of Pearson Hardman and Darby International.

This was not only in recognition of Jessica's contingent having been there originally, but also that Pearson's staff, clients and influence make up the majority of the combined firm's presence in New York.

While Daniel Hardman is representing Folsom Foods against Jessica, Darby's intervention alone was responsible for the firm winning the case. Jessica could not reveal Daniel's prior embezzlement to anyone on her own without violating the confidentiality agreement she signed; as part of the due diligence of the merger negotiations, Darby is given access to the firm's financials, allowing him indirectly to learn of Daniel's past illicit actions while nullifying the confidentiality agreement's effects, which apply strictly to Jessica and her use of the information.

Since he learned of it legally and wasn't specifically bound by the agreement himself, he can reveal the embezzlement to anyone without the repercussions of breaching confidentiality.

After he discovers the embezzlement, Darby threatens to reveal this to Daniel's own client unless he immediately settles the case on Jessica's terms; left without options and his own reputation at stake, Daniel is forced to advise the company to accept her settlement terms.

He takes this case personally partly due to two factors: the first factor being Ava's father was his first client, and the second factor being her father was his former romantic companion.

During a recess from Ava's murder trial, Harvey finds himself boxed in without options, and Darby comes up with the idea to approach Cameron Dennis with an offer: Darby will plead to obstruction of justice and 5 years' probation, in exchange for Ava's full acquittal and Darby's testimony at Stephen's murder trial.

Cameron agrees to the offer; but while signing the final paperwork at Pearson Darby's offices, Edward realizes that an additional condition has been added to the terms of the settlement: forfeiture of his legal license to practice in the United States, which would consequently force him to resign his name partnership in the combined firm and agree to initiate dissolution negotiations with Jessica.

Unwilling to re-involve Ava and without recourse, he caves and signs the agreement. He initially tries to make a deal with Louis to ensure each will keep his job after the merger goes through.

But Louis backhandedly found a way to ensure that if one or the other had to be fired, it would be Nigel.

Nigel managed to keep his job as quartermaster at the new Pearson Darby, then used the position to taunt Louis. Louis meets with Darby to present his case that he, not Nigel, would serve the firm best in the quartermaster role.

Ultimately, Nigel reveals that he tricked Louis into stealing the quartermaster position, so that Nigel could then take over Louis's role and be in charge of the huge pool of associates at the combined firm.

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Mike freundet sich mit der Anwaltsgehilfin Rachel Zane an, die durch ihre Prüfungsangst davon abgehalten wird, Jura zu studieren.

Die beiden fühlen sich zueinander hingezogen, was Mikes Beziehung zu Jenny verkompliziert und letztendlich scheitern lässt.

Trevor kehrt nach New York zurück, wo er erfährt, dass Mike mit Jenny zusammen ist. Hardman musste die Kanzlei einige Jahre zuvor verlassen, da er Mandantengelder veruntreut hatte.

Jessica und Harvey befürchten, dass Hardman in seine alte Position als geschäftsführender Partner zurückkehren will und versuchen daher mit allen Mitteln seine Rückkehr zu verhindern — jedoch vergeblich.

Jessica verlangt von Harvey, Mike zu kündigen, da dieser kein Harvard-Absolvent ist. Harvey wird angeklagt in einem alten Fall Beweise zurückgehalten zu haben.

Im Zuge dessen wird ihm mit dem Entzug seiner Lizenz gedroht. Donna findet und zerstört das besagte Dokument, woraufhin sie von Jessica gefeuert wird.

Hardman und Jessica sind uneins über die Beilegung des Falls, was zu einer Abstimmung der Partner über die Position des geschäftsführenden Partners führt.

Hardman wird mit Hilfe von Louis zum geschäftsführenden Partner — allerdings nur für kurze Zeit. Diese ist endgültig entlastet, wurde aber sowieso bereits kurz zuvor auf ausdrücklichen Wunsch Harveys wieder eingestellt.

Mike beginnt eine Affäre mit seiner inzwischen verheirateten ersten Liebe Tess. Rachel sieht die beiden zusammen, was zu einem Bruch ihrer Freundschaft führt.

Hardman muss die Kanzlei nach seinem erneuten Betrug endgültig verlassen, womit Jessica wieder zum geschäftsführenden Partner gewählt wird.

Für dessen Kanzlei arbeitet Daniel Hardman nun als Vertragsanwalt und kehrt zurück, um in mehreren Fällen von Geschlechterdiskriminierung gegen seine alte Kanzlei zu kämpfen.

Harvey versucht vergeblich, die Fusion zu stoppen. Im Staffelfinale wird Hardman besiegt. Die Fusion von Pearson und Darby International wurde vollzogen.

Aufgrund von Jessicas Weigerung, Harvey zu einem Namenspartner zu machen, verbündet er sich mit Darby, um sie zu stürzen.

Ava Hessington wird wegen Korruption und Beauftragung mehrerer Morde festgenommen. Ava steht kurz davor, verurteilt zu werden, als Mike entdeckt, dass eigentlich Stephen Huntley für die Morde verantwortlich war.

Darby stimmt zu, gegen Huntley auszusagen, um Ava vor einer langen Gefängnisstrafe zu bewahren. Jessica und Harvey nutzen diese Chance, um eine Auflösung der gemeinsamen Kanzlei zu erwirken.

Louis übernimmt die Auflösungsverhandlungen, was zu Komplikationen mit seinem britischen Pendant Nigel Nesbitt führt. Darby überträgt die Verhandlungen Dana Scott und verspricht ihr eine Namenspartnerschaft, wenn sie gewinnt.

Ava verklagt die Kanzlei, da sie während des Prozesses die Geschäftsführung ihrer Firma abgeben musste. Sie wird von Travis Tanner vertreten; Harvey kann sie jedoch überzeugen, die Klage zurückzuziehen.

Harvey beginnt eine Beziehung mit Scottie. Rachel wird für ihr Jurastudium an der Stanford-Universität Kalifornien angenommen, entscheidet sich aber an die Columbia New York City zu gehen, um mit Mike zusammenzuziehen.

Mike erkennt, dass er nie in der Lage sein wird, in der Kanzlei weiter aufzusteigen, da sein Betrug jederzeit entdeckt werden könnte.

Er denkt deshalb über eine berufliche Veränderung nach. Harvey und Louis gelingt es, ihn und Harold frei zu bekommen. Dies führt zu einem Kampf zwischen Mike und Harvey, die aufgrund ihrer früheren gemeinsamen Arbeit bald von der US-Börsenaufsicht der Absprache beschuldigt werden.

Jeff Malone, ein Mitarbeiter der Börsenaufsicht, wird von Pearson Specter eingestellt, um die bevorstehende Untersuchung abzuwenden.

Es stellt sich heraus, dass er eine Beziehung zu Jessica hat. Nach einigen erfolglosen Übernahmeversuchen von beiden Seiten wendet sich Mike in seiner Verzweiflung an Charles Forstman, einen manipulativen Milliardär und Investor.

Mike stimmt dem widerwillig zu. Kurze Zeit später erfährt er allerdings, dass Forstman Sidwell über die Vereinbarung informiert hat, woraufhin Mike gefeuert wird.

Bald stellt sich heraus, dass dieser Deal nicht legal ist, da Louis gezwungen wird, Forstmans Geld durch internationale Banken umzuleiten, um Steuern in den USA zu vermeiden.

Auch erhält er dafür ungewollt Schmiergeld. Durch seine gute Arbeit in der Kanzlei und den scheinbar sauberen Deal mit Forstman ist Jessica sehr zufrieden mit Louis' Arbeit und bietet ihm eine Belohnung an.

Er wünscht sich, Namenspartner zu werden, was Jessica sofort ablehnt. Rachel und Logan kommen sich bei der Arbeit näher und küssen sich.

Einige Tage nachdem Mike gefeuert wurde, kann sie die Lüge nicht mehr aushalten und gesteht Mike, dass sie und Logan sich geküsst haben.

Mike prügelt sich mit Logan und zieht aus der gemeinsamen Wohnung aus. Auch der Neustart in der Kanzlei gestaltet sich schwierig.

Nach einiger Zeit kann Mike Rachel vergeben und zieht wieder in die Wohnung ein. Jessica erfährt von Louis' Geheimnis beim Deal mit Forstman.

Nachdem die Ermittlungen der Börsenaufsicht eingestellt wurden, kündigt Louis bei Pearson Specter, um seiner Entlassung zuvorzukommen.

Er wird von Mike und Harvey bei seinen Bemühungen unterstützt, einen Job bei einer anderen Anwaltskanzlei zu finden. Katrina, die Louis gegenüber immer loyal war, versucht ihm ebenfalls zu helfen.

Allerdings kommt Jessica dahinter, dass Katrina schon lange vom Deal mit Forstman wusste, woraufhin Katrina entlassen wird.

Louis entdeckt Mikes Geheimnis, da dieser eine Harvard-Auszeichnung, die er aufgrund seiner Abschlussnote selbst erhalten haben müsste, nicht erkennt.

Daraufhin kommt es zu einigen Spannungen in der Kanzlei, unter anderem auch zwischen Jessica und Jeff Malone, die sich wieder trennen.

Nach einiger Zeit und einer körperlichen Auseinandersetzung kann Louis Mike vergeben. Zum Ende der Staffel kann die Bedrohung, die durch den Deal mit Forstman und die Ermittlungen der Börsenaufsicht entstanden ist, endgültig abgewehrt werden.

Harvey gesteht Donna seine Liebe, was die Beziehung zwischen den beiden verkompliziert. Donna kündigt an, in Zukunft als Louis Sekretärin zu arbeiten.

Harvey ist von Donnas Wechsel zu Louis schwer getroffen und erlebt schwere Panikattacken. Daraufhin sucht er die Therapeutin Dr. Paula Agard auf, die bereit ist, ihm zu helfen, sofern er über seine Mutter spricht.

Harvey ist gezwungen, einen Ersatz für Donna zu suchen. Er entscheidet sich nicht für eine junge, gut aussehende Assistentin, sondern für die etwas ältere Gretchen, die sich schnell als sehr fähig erweist.

Dies würde Harvey am stärksten betreffen. Zunächst versucht er sich bei Harvey einzuschmeicheln, indem er vor den Augen der Partner Harveys Rücken stärkt.

Allerdings wird er nach und nach in die Intrige von Soloff gezogen und offenbart zu allem Übel Harveys Gehaltsabrechnung der gesamten Kanzlei.

Dieser nimmt trotz des Streits den Fall an. Esther sieht zu Harveys Überraschung sehr attraktiv aus und er schläft mit ihr, obwohl er Louis versprochen hat, es nicht zu tun.

Nachdem Louis das erfährt, eskaliert der Streit und Harvey schlägt Louis. Dieser erstattet daraufhin Anzeige wegen Körperverletzung.

Als Harvey sich entschuldigt und ihm offenbart, dass er eine Therapeutin aufsucht, scheint sich Louis zu beruhigen. Jessica kann dies verhindern.

Die beiden fangen an sich gegenseitig zu respektieren. Soloff schlägt Mike als Juniorpartner vor. Gretchen veröffentlicht daraufhin einen Artikel, um Harvey zu ehren, mit schwerwiegenden Folgen.

Der aufstrebende Partner Soloff kämpft mit Daniel Hardman, der ihn erpresst. Er sieht sich gezwungen, gegen Jessica vorzugehen und sie als Geschäftsführenden Partner abzulösen.

Forstman bietet Harvey einen Deal an: Wenn er zurücktritt, werden die Attacken auf die Kanzlei aufhören. Nach einer Session mit Dr. Auch Mike wird vor eine schwere Wahl gestellt.

Diesen kennt er schon, seit er klein war. Walker kann Mike davon überzeugen, dass er mit seinem Betrug aufhören soll.

Als er sein Büro räumt, wird er allerdings von zwei Beamten wegen Betrugs festgenommen. In der zweiten Hälfte der Staffel stellt sich heraus, dass Staatsanwältin Anita Gibbs einen anonymen Hinweis bekommen hat, dass Mike kein richtiger Anwalt sei.

Als Louis diesen Hinweis sieht, wird ihm klar, dass Sheila Sazs ihn verfasst haben muss, nachdem sie einen Artikel über die Juniorpartnerschaft von Mike Ross gelesen hat.

Louis will sie mithilfe von Harvey überzeugen, vor einem möglichen Prozess das Land zu verlassen. Als sie erkennt, dass Harvey sie nach einem Fehltritt tatsächlich den Job kosten könnte, verlässt sie das Land.

Der Prozess steht allerdings trotzdem an. Mike versucht zunächst Trevor zu überzeugen, ihn nicht zu belasten. Dieser geht auf einen Deal ein und sagt vor Gericht gegen Mike aus.

Harvey kann ihn aber schnell als unglaubwürdig deklarieren. Cliffords Mutter eröffnet ihm, dass ihr Sohn erschossen wurde. Während sich die Jury berät, werden Mike und Co.

Gibbs bietet ihm zwei Deals an: Entweder er geht zwei Jahre ins Gefängnis oder er liefert einen Namenspartner aus.

Suits Schauspieler - Cast und Crew von "Suits"

Während Mike sich schwer tut, sich von seinem alten Leben zu trennen, hat Harvey hochgesteckte Karriereziele, die von seiner Chefin Jessica Pearson Gina Torres nur bedingt geteilt werden: Er will seinen Namen dem Firmennamen anhängen. Er beneidet Harvey, der früher als er Seniorpartner wurde, und trägt mit ihm Rivalitäten aus. Rachel Zane 42 Fans. Janet Suits Schauspieler Elisa Moolecherry Episode : Als sie erkennt, dass Harvey sie nach einem Fehltritt tatsächlich den Job kosten könnte, verlässt sie das Land. Synchronsprecher von Patrick J. Als Robert als Partner Hunde Die Bellen Beißen Nicht Pearson Samy Orfgen Litt einsteigt, folgt sie ihm in die Kanzlei unter den Bedingung, dass sie die nächste sein wird, die zur Namenspartnerin aufsteigt. Katrina, die Louis gegenüber immer loyal war, versucht ihm ebenfalls zu helfen. Die Ausstrahlung der zweiten Staffel begann am Harold The Exorcism Of Emily Rose Stream 0 Fans. Daraufhin kommt es zu einigen Spannungen in der Kanzlei, unter anderem auch zwischen Jessica und Jeff Malone, die sich wieder trennen. Dies führt zu einem Kampf zwischen Mike und Harvey, die aufgrund ihrer früheren gemeinsamen Arbeit bald von der US-Börsenaufsicht der Absprache beschuldigt werden.

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